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I am a construction management professional with extensive experience utilizing Primavera P6 along with other scheduling programs. I have a Masters in Construction Engineering and a Bachelors in Civil Engineering. I have worked with Owners, CMs and GCs in the last 18 years in the development of Baseline Schedules, monthly schedule updates, Time Impact development and reviews, along with performing schedule trainings. I have been involved in some of the biggest projects in and around Southern California, including the LAX Airport expansion projects, I-405 modernization, LA Ram's Stadium, Mid Coast Corridor project in San Diego. I can effectively create narratives for baseline and monthly reports. I am also versed in creating micro level milestone schedules to effectively convey complex information to key Stakeholders and upper level management. I understand planning and scheduling both from an academic perspective and as it applies in real life. I have been involved in creating and conducting training courses and programs related to Primavera P6 and scheduling.

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Various Commercial Projects Around Los Angeles
Position: Senior Scheduling Engineer
Software Used: Primavera P6, Rubix, Microsoft Project
Orange County Sep 2016 to December 2019
Working with one of the biggest General Contractors to create Baseline Schedule, Prepare Schedule update and create Time Impact Analysis. Worked with Superintendents and Project Executives to create timely and effective schedules for each of the projects
LAX Midfield Satellite Concourse Project
Position: Senior Scheduler
Software Used: Primavera P6
Los Angeles Jan 2018 - December 2019
Worked as part of the JV to create and update the schedule for the $1.3 billion LAX MSC Project at the Los Angeles Airport. Integrated schedules from multiple contractors. Create effective schedules for management's reviews. Create monthly narrative reports for Owner submission.
I-405 Expansion Project Orange County
Position: Chief Project Controls Engineer/Scheduler
Software Used: Primavera P6
Orange County Oct 2015 - Sep 2016
Worked with all the stakeholder entities to create the Master Schedule for the I-405 expansion project in Orange County
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