When relationships are important (Copying an activity with its predecessors and successors)

There are situations, where you copy a group of activities including their relationships between each other. This is useful for duplicating activities between various sections or levels. Many of the schedulers are familiar with this scenario so I will not go over this one. This copy process is typical when building detailed schedules that have typical scope of work spread over many areas or levels.

However, there are situations where you want to just copy one activity and its relationships (Its Predecessors and Successors) along with it. This may be required in project where you are duplicating an activity and breaking up the activity in two. For example, your project may have a Glass Installation in Level 1 and Level 2, but the original schedule only had an activity called Install Glass. Typically there are numerous ties to an activity and rather than re-create it, you would rather copy the existing relationships and make minor tweaks to it. In the example I cited, you may have had a relationship to the Fabrication of the Glass as the Predecessor and the Building Dry-in as a successor. So to create this added level of detail but avoid re-doing all the relationships in the new activity, use the following options under the Copy Activity Options. See below. Basically, you keep the Check Mark on the relationships but you uncheck the item option "Only between copied activities".