Consultant Application

Apply to be a Job Sessions consultant. Start by filling out the following information, then we'll contact you for an interview and skills assessment.

Personal Information

List your expertise starting with the one you're most confident in.

The categories of expertise don't have to be limited to scheduling software types. They can also be categories such as claims, estimating, or other technical expertise you may have.

Years Experience
Skills Assessment

After you submit this application you will be contacted for a brief interview and skills assessment. This is to make sure that those who are offering live help can perform the tasks that are most often requested by clients. As such, the assessment assures that a minimum standard is being met before having access to the live session feature.

Currently we are only assessing skill in Primavera P6.

See Primavera P6 Test Info

A test administrator will email you to schedule a live session at your convenience. The Skills Test is the minimum standard to accept live sessions with a client and is free to take. If you pass this test, you’ll have access to accept live sessions on the JobSessions platform.

The exam will last roughly 40 minutes. The administrator will ask you to do the following during the skills test:

  • Check to see that you have the correct software (Primavera P6 version 8 or later)
  • Create a small project schedule
  • Show competency in analyzing the schedule
  • Update the project schedule
  • Cost load the project schedule
  • Add schedule impacts and be able to explain the overall affect on the project schedule

Please check that everything is filled out above.